Mastery of light, cut and color

Words Editorial Staff


Swarovski has partnered with eyewear industry leader EssilorLuxottica to unveil a full new collection of premium sunglasses and opticals.

Inspired by some of Swarovski’s most iconic jewelry families and designed under the creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert, the new collection has been crafted with the brand’s signature savoir-faire and mastery of light, cut and color. From statement shapes and brilliantly faceted crystals to sleek metals and signature touches, each piece captures the bold and joyful elegance of Swarovski.

The eyewear range launches with a stunning visual campaign, shot by the critically acclaimed fashion photographer Steven Meisel, which features a striking pair of green sunglasses inspired by the Lucent jewelry family, styled with matching green Millenia jewelry. It’s a vibrant introduction to the collection’s head-turning shapes embellished with bold colored crystals. 

In the glowing collection inspired by the Lucent jewelry family, Swarovski’s mastery of color is dramatically brought to life. Each piece is crafted with an innovative hinge design, where multi-faceted, full-cut crystals exclusive to Swarovski bend apart at the temples. Playful and luminous, these styles are enriched with Swarovski’s iconic brand colors and are available in a variety of popular shapes.

The selection of glasses inspired by Mesmera, instead, highlights Swarovski’s unmatched variety of innovative cuts, clusters, and statement extravagance. The light-catching crystals add a dose of wonder, transforming the metal and acetate models into something that is unquestionably chic and hypnotic.

The Dextera inspired glasses, celebrate the splendor of crystals by integrating them directly into the frames. Thanks to the scattered placement of crystals, an impactful sense of movement is conveyed, allowing modern style to merge with classic and organic shapes. Note how each stone sits within its own metallic setting, creating a genuine look of luxury and gilded savoir-faire.

And again, the Pave? styles are handcrafted with the pavè technique: a quintessential feature across Swarovski’s jewelry families. That dazzling theme has now been transferred into an eyewear range that is both evocative and playful. These intricate designs exude modern glamor, with daring shapes and futuristic flair that will certainly embolden any look.

Last, but not least, the glasses inspired by the Orbita jewelry family. In an exploration of color, Swarovski presents these unexpected eyewear designs that mix crystallized brilliance and beautiful palettes. Small crystals appear on all models, artfully arranged around the outer rims with colors that match the frames.

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