Albert I'mStein

Always fun and happy

Words Editorial Staff


Unconventional inspirations help the design of models like Hahaha and Kikiki, two of the highlights of the new collection

Albert I’mStein doesn’t want to stop introducing fun and happy frames. The design concepts of new models Hahaha and Kikiki started from the ideas of the very first eyelash and eyeliner makeup done by a little girl using her mom’s cosmetics. The inspiration for the names comes from the sound of a mom’s laughter when seeing her daughter playing with makeup, while the designers thought of marshmallows for the Hahaha front shape.

Models Eclipse, Copernikus and Astro are inspired by astronomy. The head designer of Albert I’mStein studied science at university, so design concepts are sometimes related these fields. for example, two layers of acetate in the front, show shaded effects similar to those of a solar eclipse. Many of Albert I’mStein models have a fun mix of asymmetric decoration or mix and match materials: handcrafted antique titanium decorations inspired from the armor of knights in the middle ages for models Lancelot and Raymond, with details like the top quality of leather coating on titanium crafted by Japanese craftsmen in Sabae.

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