Bayria Eyewear

Dancing with the stars

Words Editorial Staff


Bayria chose Studio 54 as the main reference for its latest collection, with the atmosphere of this legendary club

Bayria chose Studio 54 and its famous patrons - from David Bowie to Andy Warhol - as the main reference for its latest collection. The atmosphere of this legendary club has been translated into a sophisticated, hedonistic and fluid eyewear collection of styles designed for those who want no limits in expressing themselves.

Part of this collection are the octagonal frames with frontal 3D effects able to create brightness and light illusions with reflections, and elegant, bold rectangular models, created by the overlapping of two different sheets of acetate. The collection also features frames dedicated to women, such as the Zancle, an irreverent mouth-shaped model inspired by the Dali painting of Mae West. Alongside the acetate models the latest Bayria collection includes new glasses combining the acetate front with a lower metal profile. These designs are inspired by the CBS anchor-men of the 70s/80s - real TV icons able to capture the attention of their audience with only a look.

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