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Police blows out 40 candles and treats itself to four Limited-Edition products and a new logo

Police, the iconic De Rigo lifestyle house brand, marks is 40th anniversary: 40 years for a success story that speaks of courage, determination and an adventurous spirit, 40 years of a brand which has known how to evolve without ever betraying its own values, thus winning over generation after generation and  40 years of history for an eyewear brand that soon became a lifestyle icon.

Characterised by its ever-evolving strong identity, sophisticated designs and iconic style, Police - from the very onset - found itself successfully interpreting the free and bold spirit of those who refuse to play by the rules. Witness to a constantly changing male universe, the brand now dilutes its ‘90s style by embracing a more contemporary key, where masculinity remains an almost ‘unexplored territory’, to be experienced and re-built following one's own nature and identity. Audacity and discovery have now become the watchwords for the Police man: a liberated and courageous individual, who always strives to be himself and needs the approval of no-one.

For the occasion, Police inaugurates 2023 with a Limited-Edition Collection of four specifically-designed exclusive products, which represent the maximum expression of the brand’s style in all product categories. A sunglasses style, two watches combined with a bracelet or wallet and a fragrance. All in limited numbers. Just 1,983 pieces for each style, in honour of the brand's founding year. The style of the collection is more iconic than ever and the products embody its audacity - a key brand value, today celebrated with the new ‘Audacity Wanted’ campaign. The essential common denominator of the capsule collection constitutes the chromatic codes linked to Police’s identity and past: in addition to the ever-present blue, black and gold are the predominant hues.

To render the four pieces even more unique, they feature both the new ‘Police 40’ logo - developed for the anniversary and designed by re-visiting the historic eagle - and the serial number engraved onto the products. The capsule collection is accompanied by an exclusive case, consisting of a rigid box with leather finish and elegant gold and black velvet details on the inside.

Regarding the sunglasses, the model SPLL60 is exceptionally bold and iconic. The front piece and temples are crafted from thick acetate and titanium - a blend that renders this accessory extremely distinctive whilst also being lightweight and contemporary. The statement squared silhouette of the front piece is made lighter by the titanium double-bridge detail with adjustable nose pads forged from the same metal. The decorative element - which extends from the front piece and continues onto the temples - is an ode to the brand’s most important and representative symbol: the eagle’s wings. The lenses feature an elegant gold-look effect on a blue base - the colours that define this limited-edition collection. The ‘Police 40’ logo and serial number - from 1 to 1983 - are printed on the inside of the temples, which are also crafted from a blend of acetate and titanium.


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