Divel Italia

Colours of the future

Words Editorial Staff


Divel Italia reveals its new sun collections: from the colour palettes to the technology employed, the Italian company shows us how we’ll ‘see’ the coming times

Divel Italia has chosen Paris and Silmo to show off the new collections of sun filters and all of its latest products for the season. Modern, sophisticated and elegant, the new products reflect the influences of fashion trends from today’s society – from intense hues and vibrant innovative coatings to elegant, lightly desaturated pastels
– and also try to respond to specific needs.

The Metafluid collection, for example, presents an iridescent, highly saturated chromatic palette that enables the wearer to see the world in a new, virtual light. The main inspiration comes from the emerging virtual worlds being explored every day, and their huge connection with the real world. Metafluid features 16 iridescent, highly saturated hues inspired by futuristic landscapes and technology. The coatings of these lenses are designed specifically to be able to lend an iridescence that changes depending on the angle from which they are seen.

Sunlight is the name of another collection by Divel Italia: it is soft, harmonious and romantic, with nuances chosen to evoke a sense of carefree lightness perfect for the upcoming fall season. The third collection is called urbanity and is designed for everyone who needs clear vision with electronic devices without giving up the comfort of a polarized lens. These lenses don’t compromise the viewing of a device’s display, having the same clarity and vision quality of traditional lenses but with intense, captivating and fashion- oriented colours.

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