Etnia Barcelona

Cartoon Bubbles

Words Elisa Zanetti


The Cartoon collection by Etnia Barcelona brings to life the magic of comics in the realm of eyewear, offering kids a platform to express their individuality

Booom! This is the sound of the explosion of creativity and colour brought by Etnia Barcelona’s latest Cartoon collection and kids’ campaign. All the surprises are packed into six fun new models, promoted by an unpretentious, adventurous, fun and highly creative campaign inspired by the expressive universe of comics. Moreover, the Spanish brand Etnia Barcelona stands out for its originality and its use of colour in every one of its styles, making it the company with the most chromatic references in the entire eyewear sector. Etnia Barcelona surpasses itself in the lines dedicated to the little ones.

The Cartoon collection revives the magic of comics and translates it into the world of glasses, inviting kids to express their personality, creativity and uniqueness through fun shapes and bright colours. With this campaign, Etnia Barcelona uses the expressive visual language of comics to bring children closer to the world of glasses and invites them to imagine and tell their own stories. In the campaign, the glasses come to life and become funny friends to carry with you always, both at school and while playing. The new collection consists of six unique models, all inspired by the vibrant visual language of comics. Discover the fun with ‘Baaaang!’; the excitement with ‘Boooom!’; the uniqueness with ‘Ka-Boooom’; the explosion of colour with ‘Ka-poooow!’ and the boldness with ‘Ba-Baaaang!’. The ‘Ba-Baaaang!’ model was awarded the Silmo d'or paris 2023 award for the most innovative and creative design in the ‘Kids’ category. 

As inviting as gummy sweets, the models in the line are striking for their joyful colour combinations, contrasting temple tips, and non-linear details on the upper part of the frame, reminiscent of the long eyelashes and eyebrows of animated characters loved by children.

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