Etnia Barcelona

Modernism, color and design

Words Editorial Staff


Etnia Barcelona introduces its new limited-edition capsule 'Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona', a dialogue between Modernism, color, and design.

Etnia Barcelona unveils ‘Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’, a limited-edition capsule of sunglasses inspired by the most iconic symbols of Antoni Gaudí's work. This new collection elevates eyewear with a unique, creative, and sophisticated vision: it draws inspiration from one of Barcelona's most emblematic buildings, a World Heritage Site, and a prime example of Modernism. This artistic movement transformed the Catalan capital with its decorative exuberance, vibrant colors, and characteristic sinuous lines, embodying a living and free art inspired by the organic forms of nature and breaking from previous norms.

‘Casa Batlló x Etnia Barcelona’ immerses you in the Gaudinian universe, capturing the grandeur of Casa Batlló. This collaboration pays homage to the artistic movement that has shaped Barcelona's identity. Every aspect of Casa Batlló is reflected in this limited edition: the oval shape of the front mirrors the balconies, the scaly texture of the temples resembles the roof, the temple tips are inspired by the door-knobs, the gold-plated frame details, and the collection's color palette. The capsule features eight unique, numbered designs, each highlighting the most iconic symbols of Gaudí's work and incorporating the latest fashion trends: vibrant, oversized frames with a highly fashionable and exuberant front. 

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