Model Corbo


Götti Switzerland

A Perfect Match

Words Enrico S. Benincasa


Go╠łtti Switzerland approaches the eyewear market focusing on innovation, quality, and sustainability. A resource like 3D printing seems tailor-made for a manufacturer with this vision...

"A pair of glasses always consists of the same three components: two temples and a front piece with two lenses. however, it’s in our nature as humans to develop countless variants of this over time." These words belong to Sven Götti and aptly summarize the approach that the founder of the brand has had since its foundation in 1998. Götti has worked with different materials over the years, from acetate to titanium, and has experimented with modern techniques such as rimless and screwless designs.

It must have seemed natural for this company to incorporate 3D printing into eyewear production in 2017. Indeed, the countless possibilities offered by this technology align perfectly with the creative and free-thinking nature of Sven Götti and his design team. The Götti Dimension is the current 3D printed Eyewear Collection, boasting over 100 sun and prescription frames available in various colours. This collection is entirely produced at Götti's manufacturing site in Switzerland, from initial concept to final assembly, employing modern and sustainable manufacturing methods. The primary material is polyamide, fed as a fine powder into an SLS printer that builds up the shape of the frame layer by layer using a laser beam. Various surface treatments are then applied to finish the individual frame components. During the dyeing process, specially created colours penetrate the originally white material creating a uniform and durable colouring.

Model Connie

Model Connie

Thanks to targeted production, features like lens size, temple length and nose bridge can be customized to ensure a perfect fit for the end customer. frames from the Götti Dimension Collection are exceptionally lightweight and highly robust, and exhibit an unmistakably urban appearance. Within this collection is Götti Bionic, an eyewear family consisting of four glasses printed in 3D from a single material derived from the seeds of the castor bean plant – a sustainable resource. This bio-based polyamide offers greater flexibility compared to other 3D-printed frames. The name ‘Bionic’ reflects the inspiration from the human body to find alternatives for screws and other mechanical aids. Götti Bionic frames are made with just one basic material and are available in four earthy tones: ash, blush, sand, and teal – classic colours that remain stylish in the long term and are not influenced by short-lived trends. Every decision, from packaging to colour selection, has been made to minimize the environmental impact of the product.

The capabilities afforded by 3D printing allow the Swiss brand to experiment with shapes and trends. Recent additions include Connie and Clyde, two narrow frames inspired by the famous American criminal duo, and the Bubbly series, featuring bold and round shapes like the Ilay and Ivon models. Despite changing trends, certain characteristics such as lightweight construction, comfort, and a perfect fit remain consistent. As Sven Götti once said, 3D printing along with aesthetics, zeitgeist, fine materials, and technological solutions, is "part of the formula for making beautiful glasses." 

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