Unexpected combinations

Words Editorial Staff


JPlus launched the DNA collection marked with N°0, which opens a cycle of campaigns centered on vintage taste and the
Millenials Generation

Emotions, sensations, ideas and visions, are the stimuli that inspire the 2023 collection by JPlus, which is marked with the n° 0: it opens a cycle of campaigns, whose theme is to project the vintage taste, that is the inspiration of the Millennials Generation, of women and men responsible for their own choices, selective in style, aware that only by taking life and the Earth in hand can give it a future. N° 0 as a point of no return, a point to start from.

For this reason, the DNA Collection offers unexpected combinations with a strong reference to the 90s, with oversized models both bold and slim, and over auctions to emphasize improbable and strongly identifiable combinations. Pulled but also softer shapes convey strength together and a clear identity intention of the brand that uses balance to make large and deconstructed shapes easily wearable in a game of milled and low reliefs to give depth and unexpected play of light to the material. Some of the colors used for the eyewear collection  are blue, magenta, green, sage and emerald in addition to the timeless black and havana classic. For the sun magenta, pink, beige, black and some variants of havana with Zeiss sun lenses tone on tone or in sharp contrast.

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