We believe in freedom

Erna Dzaferovic


Dazzled by Nina Simone’s temper and inspired by her constant pursuit of freedom, JPlus finally launches its new collection FW21

JPlus has always been driven by a deep desire for life and freedom, and at a time as delicate as this last year has been, the brand couldn’t but make this concept the very soul forming the basis of the new collection. The Fall/Winter 2021 line is a mixture of ideas, visions and emotions – consider it an extensive research into new shapes and innovative designs: a real evolution of the brand’s identity. 

The collection is embellished with soft lines made bold by an interplay of thickness and volumes. The colour palette has been enriched by adding more tones such as green, red and blue, in order to go as far as to attract lovers of bright colours. The product's charm is emphasized by the distinctive JPlus mark on the frame, and the no logo strategy is the icing on the cake, as it contains a strong and memorable concept: it’s the consumer who should choose the label, not the reverse.

For this season, JPlus has decided to add some metal pieces alongside the classic acetate models, all designed and produced in Italy, and the target of this exclusive line are the ‘enlightened Millenials’: extremely cultured people under the age of 40 who are passionate about design and beauty. 

Let us bear in mind a quote by Nina Simone: “Life is short. People are not easy to know, so if you don't tell them how you feel, you're not going to get anywhere, I feel”, a concept which is highlighted by the shapes and lines of the new JPlus Fall/Winter pieces.

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