Emphasis on design and colour

Words Marica Gobbatelli


For the new year, Lamarca has created a brand new, limited edition of its sunglasses, with a special focus on colour, design, technique and craftsmanship

For 2023, the Italian brand Lamarca presents Fusioni 1285, a brand new, limited edition from the Fusioni collection, characterized by dedicated laser marking and a serial number. This collection was created to convey the expressive potential that the brand can achieve with acetate glasses thanks to the glueing technique. This is a complex process that requires time and precision, but one that allows the creation of infinite colour combinations. Just the colour, or more precisely, the colour combinations, is one of the brand's  talents, the most creative part, thanks to which they create new colour palettes that enhance the shape of the glasses.

The name of the Fusioni family conveys the image of blending, uniting and combining things together. A Fusioni model is made up of different acetate sections designed to host the subsequent ones making them fit together perfectly. This is a special technique developed at Trisottica over many years and has resulted in a frame with very special colour adaptations and material combinations. The intricate lines and designs highlight a high level of precision and fine workmanship, adding value to the product.

Various solutions and visual themes with checkers, curved lines, waves and triangles demonstrate just how much imagination and creativity can do. The colours enhance the details and the combinations of two or three shades and the final perception is that of glasses that can express colour and geometry with taste and elegance. 

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