When light plays with color

Words Editorial Staff


The new collection of Look is synonym of meticulous crafting and design research

A play of refined elegance expressed with minimalist rigour define the new acetate collection of Look. Synonymous with meticulous crafting and design research the new female line proposes four new eye shapes ranging from soft geometries with a contemporary flavour to a glam reinterpretation of timeless forms. Thin volumes are made precious by a handmade technique of milling and sculpting the material thus allowing plays of light with colours.

Black and havana are a tribute to timeless colours, which have always accompanied an idea of sophisticated and refined femininity. Then the offer moves on to pure colours and turn it on with plays of light: magenta mingle with purple, red desaturates and lightens following the thinning lines, the chiaroscuros of teal highlight unexpected geometries, taupe mixes with gray, and sage green reminds us of nature.

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