Markus T

A Unique Approach

Enrico S. Benincasa

Since its foundation, dated 1999, Markus T has distinguished itself for the passion it puts into technologically advanced and unique frames which are always 100% Made in Germany

Everything at Markus T speaks about the intent to make something different in the eyewear field. Take a look for a second at its headquarters: based in Isselhorst, East Westphalia, the facility is a former distillery turned eyewear factory, where around 80 professionals work every day and give birth to new ideas for one reason only: to make people happy with their glasses.

The bar was set very high at the beginning by the founder Markus Temming, who has always had clear ideas about the company’s journey: doing everything with honesty and simplicity, the main ingredients to achieve real beauty. Nothing could be better than Markus’ own words about their products to help us better understand his vision: “Our glasses are light. And I don’t just mean lightweight, they also encompass the many other meanings this word has – for example simple and uncomplicated. Furthermore, they are consistent and they are exceptionally understated.

We don’t have any product that jumps out at you; you need to put on the glasses in order to appreciate their distinctiveness.” This statement is part of a recent interview released by Markus Temming to the Red Dot Award website. The famous design prize has crossed the path of Markus T many times, the company has gathered 13 achievements from RDA over the last 20 years. The last one was received for Ease, a rimless titanium collection with countless options of customization, despite its very reduced design. But the ‘award collection’ of the company counts more than 40 achievements, including German Design Award and Silmo D’Or.

Materials and technological innovation are two pillars of the Markus journey: the company uses high- quality titanium and other materials such as TMi – a synthetic and in-house developed material patented by the brand. TMi is special: we’re talking about a tough material, but one that is extremely light at the same time. It’s also able to retain its shape and it doesn’t lose its colour over the years. It’s also recyclable and anti-allergenic, just like titanium, and allows the realization of ultra-flat and narrow frames, durable and unbreakable like any other spectacle produced in the East Westphalia factory.

Every Markus T silhouette comes from the same place, 100% handmade by the experts of the brand. Everything is handled here, even the colour phase: Markus T uses patented dye processes that extend durability, the Multi- Step-Colouring (MSC) for high-quality titanium and an innovative polyamide dye process for TMi. Technology applied to design, as happens with the screws, which are replaced in the titanium frames with nylon fibres and create no problems with fitting. Opticians can easily make adjustments in length and width even without screws and realize the principal aim of Markus T: to make people happy to wear their unique Markus T glasses for years and years.

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