Miga Studio

A bridge from Italy to Japan

Words Editorial Staff


Miga Studio created new models for the Titan and Taisho collection, frames that join the intense emotions of Italy and the minimalism of Japan

Miga Studio, the brand rooted in Italy’s cultural richness, mixed with the futuristic sensibilities thriving in Japan, begins the new year with 14 new models of the Titan collection, in Japanese titanium and the Taisho collection in Takiron acetate - the finest of all acetates, from Japan.

The names of the frames reference the multicultural spirit of contemporary design, without giving up to the pillars of tradition. The models Baltic and Timber, for instance, from the Taisho family - named like that after the period in Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Taisho emperor, which was rich in culture, music and film- directly refer to the typical architectural styles of North Europe; while the thin Frank, Zaha and Louis are named after some of the brightest architects of the last century. These Takiron acetate also stands out for its vibrant colours, like the transparent deep green and the bicolour havana.

The Titan collection, instead, which recalls the sons of the Earth goddess of Greek mythology, presents models like the Cosmopolis, the Metropolis and the Rider-Rafter, which attire with unusual tints, like the bright matt olive or the bicolours variants. Last but not least the Modulor frame, chiseled with Miga Studio’s raw-cut, crowns the architectural homage, since its name is referred to the renowned Le Corbusier’s proportional scale project inspired by the Vitruvian Man illustration, that aims to find the perfect balance between man, home and nature.

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