Nirvan Javan

Shades of Toronto

Words Editorial Staff


Nirvan Javan launched a collection inspired by the colorful diversity of Toronto

The colorful diversity of Toronto is unparalleled. Nowhere else in the world is there such cultural diversity as in the Canadian metropolis. Exactly this individuality shines in the numerous colors of the Shades of Toronto. Brown is one of them.

With their strong, cubic shapes, the Shades of Toronto are a reflection of the Canadian skyline. In deep brown, they imitate the striking architecture and, through the yellow impacts, hint at the window fronts of the big city. The sun reflects off the windows. The old rock shines in the light. Toronto's architecture in the evening sun, captured in a frame.

Toronto is a metropolis hidden in the clouds. The sun's rays pierce through the cloud cover. The tinted lenses of Shades of Toronto intercept these rays without further obscuring the view. The durability and resistance of the city is also reflected in the Japanese acetate. Such glasses are born from the feeling of a big city.

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