The functional design

Words Giuliano Deidda


Evolving with each collection, technology is at the core of Ovvo Optics indestructible eyewear, starting from the surgical steel and titanium composite frames

Founded in the USA in 2011, ovvo optics is a family-owned brand which combines American inventiveness with European manufacturing know-how to achieve the highest standards. Mixing a bold contemporary style with the most advanced technologies available, each Ovvo frame is handmade and manufactured in Poland with outstanding precision, using techniques perfected in over 30 years of experience.

All components are constructed in-house, using the finest materials and technologies. Steel and titanium are sourced from Sweden and laser-cut in Germany. The glasses are then assembled in Poland, in a meticulous production process, ensuring every pair meets the demands of the modern customer. When pursuing the goal to create the most durable and lightweight frames on earth, the brand started to look for a suitable material, which did not yet exist. It was then that the engineers within the company forged the perfect metal for that purpose – a composite of surgical steel and titanium.

The result are frames of unmatched comfort that, thanks to this patented technology, endure the rigorous challenges of everyday life with style. Each frame is constructed from military grade surgical steel and titanium composite consisting of 70% steel and 30% titanium. This hypoallergenic metal, first discovered in spacecraft development, offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory and heat resistance. In order to be virtually indestructible, ovvo eyewear boasts several other exclusive features, starting with the patented screwless hinges. Despite their simple design, they can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and are lab-tested in Germany to endure 300.000 rotations – comparable to 205 years of usage, all in a frame weighing 0.6 ounces (about 171 grams). The 3-D adjustable nosepads feature replaceable silicon pads, while the temple tips with regulated tension can be easily realigned for a customizable fit. In short, the functional design of these frames is set to prevent any potential weakness.

As if all this was not enough, the brand applies an innovative diamond-like carbon nanotechnology to add the characteristics of diamonds to eyewear. DLC is lab-synthesized by decomposing hydrocarbon gases to stack individual atoms in a carbon film that is thinner than paper, harder than diamond and stronger than steel. The film consists of random alternations between cubic and hexagonal lattices, leaving no irregularities or fracture planes prone to weakness. By coating the already high-performance surgical steel & titanium alloy frames with DLC, ovvo optics discovered an entirely new realm of possibilities in strength, lightness, scratch-resistance and durability. Thus, in 2020 the brand was honored with a Red Dot Design Award for its innovative Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) collection. The brand’s excellence also extends to experimenting on combining different materials, like wood with carbon fiber or Mazzucchelli acetate with surgical steel and titanium temples.



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