Projekt Produkt

Basic to perfection

Words Editorial Staff


Projekt Produkt launches its 2023 collection, which expresses an ardent thirst for a place that seems impossible to reach

Projekt Produkt came into the world by the specific bond between the philosophy of optometrists and the sensibility of eyewear designers. Trying to create an eyewear completely dedicated to fulfill its own nature, Projekt Produkt embraces the most qualified materials. This is a source of endless pleasure for the brand to unveil and launch a new collection every single year, all based on four characteristics: modernity, minimalism, being classy and wearable. The brand core consists of sophisticated exclusivity and altruistic simplicity.

Farsick is the slogan of the new 2023 collection by Projekt Produkt. We all possess an ardent thirst for a place that seems impossible to reach and a dream that one day we will just leave. These feelings come out of the blue and create a moment of appreciation, allowing people to live with a sensation of an extreme excitement. The P10 collection by Projekt Produkt is a way to express this.

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