Projekt Produkt


Words Editorial Staff


The new capsule collection of Projekt Produkt is all about childood preferences that remain unchanged over time

The new P11 capsule collection of Projekt Produkt is called Changeless and talks about chilhood preferences that remain unchanged over time. The vibrant and energetic childhood wishes, which were unrefined yet lively, are expressed through the distinctive lines and vivid colors of this line.

The capsule collection has two main models: CLCC4 and CLCC7. On the one hand, CLCC4 is crafted with a sleek silhouette, oval acetate sunglasses that feature organic lines. Within the combination of large and small curves, four different colors of enamel are added to infuse a playful mood, completing the vibrant aesthetic; on the other CLCC7 is crafted with an iconic design featuring unique structure and lines, oval titanium sunglasses that exude sophistication. The combination of voluminous metal rims and end-pieces in various metal colors adds a touch of wit to their detail.

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