Robert La Roche


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The Austrian eyewear brand, founded by mastermind Robert La Roche
is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a collection that nods to its past

The Austrian eyewear brand, founded by mastermind Robert La Roche in 1973 with a focus on artisanal integrity and a keen eye for sophisticated design, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a collection that nods to its past and highlights its incomparable character. La Roche’s eponymous label rose to international acclaim by hitting the zeitgeist of the New Wave era and continued its winning streak with cutting edge creations in the decades to follow.

Now under the creative direction of Kamilia Kusz, the brand is paying homage to its origins by reviving iconic models from the 80s and 90s, respectively. These bold acetate frames – rounded and oversized vs. narrow and rectangular – come in four striking colorways – black, off-white, red and green – that highlight their seminal shapes and relaunch them for the next era. “For our 50th anniversary collection, we wanted to touch on the ever-flowing cycle of trends and highlight the fact that truly ingenious design will always come back in style. That’s why utmost craftsmanship has always been our number one priority. We’re confident that 50 years from now, you can pick these up and they’ll look – and feel – just as good as they do now,” says Kusz.

Robert La Roche is also continuing its successful collaboration with award-winning Austrian designer Christoph Rumpf, whose Paris-based menswear label is redefining luxury by preserving materials from the past. Three gallant new acetate frames merge Rumpf’s knack for opulence with Robert La Roche’s commitment to sophistication and wearability. With names like Storm, Hydra and Cosmo the collection alludes to the impenetrable force of the elements and the galaxy. The frames are available in a variety of darker colorways, ranging from rich maroon to midnight blue. An especially striking addition is the luminous finish of gold speckles on the sun frame Hydra (complete with a matching chain) and the dual frame Storm.

Another important collaboration for Robert La Roche is the one with the Viennese optician and design duo Harry Bader and Harry H., better known under the moniker “Les Deux H”. Les Deux H took inspiration from silver screen legends like John Elton, Gina Lollobrigida, Mia Farrow and Cari Zalloni. The collection, handcrafted from high-grade acetate, emphasizes sophistication and versatility, but puts a licentious spin on the timeless pieces.

The brand’s new line of essentials has received a substantial makeover under Kusz’s careful direction. The classic collection of incredibly lightweight sun and optical frames, inspired by bestsellers from the last several years, is inherently Italian with soft natural tones and muted colors. The diverse range of shapes, from rounded to rectangular and smaller to oversized frames, guarantees the perfect fit for any type. Newly rounded bezels have been introduced for supreme comfort, making the Essentials Collection the perfect companion for everyday wear.

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