Empowered lightness

Words Editorial Staff


Silhouette presents its new brand image to the world with lightness as a core belief

The feeling of lightness makes boundaries disappear, opens your eyes to unimagined opportunities and carves out new paths. This core belief is what turns visions into reality and people into visionaries. "Empowered by Lightness," which is a fundamental component of Silhouette's new brand communication strategy, fully embodies this feeling in the company's new brand image.  By refocusing its communications, Silhouette aims to boost its brand's desirability worldwide, while enhancing its position in the premium environment, and recharging and developing the core brand in all its facets and touchpoints.

Silhouette will start the campaign by presenting its new image to the world. Iconic models will embody lightness with their flowing movements, appearing to defy gravity in contrast with the striking architectural structures in the background. The models in the campaign are styled to showcase the lightness of the eyewear alongside high-fashion designs and colors to match. The vastness of the sky is the common denominator in Silhouette's new imagery. "Empowered by Lightness" features Silhouette eyewear as the ultimate lifestyle accessory for those who believe in the power of design to elevate us to new heights. "Our cross-media strategy clearly sets us apart from our competitors. It represents everything our customers feel when wearing our eyewear- unparalleled lightness" says Silhouette Brand Director Atissa Tadjadod, explaining the core of the campaign, adding: "The unique message and unmistakable imagery of the campaign are directly linked to our eyewear. We're using our communication strategy to engage our discerning target group. Our focus is on addressing younger target groups, connecting with their world of experience and developing new customer segments."

This campaign will showcase the new rimless Purist highlight collection. It is designed to captivate Silhouette's target groups with a play of perspectives and exciting angular shapes, highlighting the premium eyewear brand's signature sophisticated, innovative designs. In December 2021, the Art Basel Miami offered a first glimpse of Silhouette's new brand identity. There, the brand reached new fans with an exclusive pop-up store accompanied by an influencer campaign. An out-of-home campaign and an attention-grabbing, digital communication strategy in social media and influencer marketing are helping to promote the new brand image even further. Meanwhile, Silhouette will also stage a strategic online media campaign in selected channels alongside the launch.

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