Minimal, but cosmic

Words Editorial Staff


Silhouette’s most iconic collection welcomes its boldest member for a futuristic look

Silhouette welcomes a new member of its iconic collection, where the Digital Age meets 1960s & 70s retro glamour in the form of an edgy and galactic sun shade. The Titan Minimal Art Cosmic is an ultra-light shade made for G-force statements, which combines the elements of soft and bold, of past and future.

The much-anticipated Cosmic is a commemorative edition that honors Silhouette’s first space mission 25 years ago. The main inspiration for the design comes from the fascinating world of science fiction. Renowned for its comfort and minimum weight, the newest addition to the Titan Minimal Art family is also durable and offers limitless vision in one seamless, easy wearing piece. The polyamide shield lens embraces the eye zone in soft, delicate curves affixed to a thicker top trim made from high-tech titanium in a matte finish.

Like the other members in the Titan Minimal Art family, Cosmic is ultra-light, adaptive and available in four celestial combinations: blue lenses with a silver top trim for a a sporty appeal; purple and gold; goldand brown and gray and black. 

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