Snob Milano

Two souls for one brand

Words Erna Dzaferovic


Snob Milano confirms the young and eccentric soul that characterizes the sun collection and the super technical and strong personality of the clip-on collection

This season, Snob Milano presents two product lines faithful to its intrinsic style, with two targets and two different aesthetic languages. Two sides of the same coin: the sun collection is about trend, fashion and avant-garde, whilst technical perfection and attention to detail is the basis of the magnetic clip-on collection with its understated approach. The sun collection is presented through a campaign with pop features that confirms the strong, ironic and irreverent character of the brand. The inspiration came to Tommaso Bossetti, co-founder and creative director, during a recent trip to Miami: the mind flies to Spring Break, where parties and the desire to play is evident, also seen in the outfits that recall personalities of the 80s.

This is how Extasià and California make their debut. The two protagonists of the season are both re-proposals of models designed by Tommaso at the end of the 90s and come from his personal archive. The first is very low, pointed and feminine, the second is low, enveloping and unisex. Both are inspired by the eighties and nineties; these silhouettes do not allow you to go unnoticed. The colour proposal of these models was also created to amaze with twelve colours ranging from the classic black and white to lime and mustard. If the sun collection is surprising, the clip-on collection is more reassuring and balanced. These are models that veer towards effective and visual lightness.

The five new plastic models are less voluminous than previous ones, while the three new ones in titanium - a material which to all intents and purposes entered the collection and has become a key protagonist since its debut - choose a milled single-piece front which allows for greater style and volume.

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