Ultra Limited


Ultra Limited


Words Erna Dzaferovic


This year has begun successfully for Ultra Limited, with the launch of four new models exemplifying craftsmanship and creativity

Ultra Limited has been pioneering new stylistic references in the eyewear sector since 2014. The Italian brand was founded by a coalition of four visionaries, combining their experiences to highlight craftsmanship, creative design, and excellence – the cornerstones of Made in Italy. This is a prosperous moment for Ultra Limited, as they have recently launched four new sunglasses.

"We decided to introduce four brandnew styles inspired by models that have consistently been best sellers over the last ten years. Recognizing their enduring appeal, we have taken these concepts into a new era, blending their timeless essence with an incredibly attractive, fresh, and colourful twist," explains Tommaso Poltrone, the brand's CEO.

The evolution of Ultra Limited includes a new temple design with printed stripes, and a multi-coloured front featuring an extra acetate layer for a three-dimensional effect and unique colour contrast. Initially showcased in models like Bassano, Altamura, and Valeggio, this concept brings a new level of complexity and modern style to the frames. Renowned for its distinctive fusion of elegance and cutting-edge style, the brand sets new standards with its latest models. The Pellestrina, Spargi, and Potenza frames, featuring cat-eye shapes, exhibit a play of vibrant colours and sleek lines. Lido, on the other hand, stands out as a dynamic statement piece with its octagonal structure, appealing to those who embrace the unconventional.

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