VAVA Eyewear

As iconic as VAVA

Words Marica Gobbatelli


The model WLO008 created by Vava's founder, Pedro da Silva has been re-engineered in recent years until maximum perfection has been achieved

Created as a simple round-shape, the model WL0008 realized for the first time by Pedro da Silva in 2014, has been re-engineered continuously over the years to achieve maximum perfection. The philosophy of this unisex model is naturally affiliated with the DNA of the brand.

For Vava, unisex is one of the ways to the future. Minimal and with phenomenal impact, this iconic design has found its way into becoming a Vava classic. The clean lines and basic shapes of this frame, still subtly futuristic and inspired by the Bauhaus movement, have made it an icon and secured it a place in the Portuguese brand's history. Vava believes that Bauhaus is the real foundation of simple design used to its full potential. The simple shapes are square, rectangle, circle, and triangle.

These are the basic forms that are used as the foundation of Vava designs.Additionally, made from 8mm cellulose bio acetate foil, this model is known for its strength and durability. A great balance between lens size and total width results in a universal fitting. It fits almost all kinds of face types, from slim to round, to big and small too, and it is the perfect frame for those who like to buy contemporary and timeless pieces. The model WL0008 has become an iconic symbol of Vava and therefore for Silmo, the brand is launching the classic silhouette in an array of six new colours namely, Red, Yellow, White, Crystal Matte, Crystal Blue Matte, and Aqua Haze Matte. This model will be available in a total of nine colours if we consider the existing best-selling black, black matte and green.

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