The journey continues

Words Editorial Staff


For the SS24 collection Vava expands its aesthetic research into technology, industrial architecture and electronic music, starting from the Acid House wave

Vava doesn’t stop to impress the market with its meticolous and well-crafted eyewear pieces inspired by modern and avant-garde movements. Every choice, from aesthetics to materials, is made in order to offer unique products able to tell stories without damaging the environment.

The SS24 collection of the Portoguese brand pays homage to the Acid House movement by introducing energetic tons of greens and oranges – two shades strictly related to the aesthetic of this music movement – into modern glasses. This is a defining element of the collection that Vava presented at Mido 2024.

Concerning technical aspects, the SS24 feature a new aluminum bridge that blends functionality with a distinctive visual appeal. The absence of ornamentation evokes an industrial purity close to the principles of structural engineering but also able to embrace a new design ethos. Moreover, Vava confirms its love for oversized shapes with a contemporary approach based on creating a unique visual experience.

The acetate frames from Vava, like in the past, reflects the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility. The Portuguese brand employs Mazzucchelli M49 acetate for its models, an eco-friendly variant derived from cotton and wood-pulp fibers. This material, produced through an innovative formulation using renewable sources, preserves acetate’s traditional aesthetic and performance characteristics while aligning with eco-conscious values.

The aluminum frames are manufactured in Italy through an advanced industrial cutting/milling process. Produced at a small family-owned Italian factory, these frames exhibit remarkable corrosion resistance and boast recyclability. Across its models, Vava exclusively employs Barberini lenses, an excellence in the optical glass sun lens sector.

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