Pedro da Silva

Words Antonella Reina


Fostering a dialogue between crafts and high-tech using the most advanced technologies, Vava's Founder, Pedro da Silva, invites you to participate in a forward-thinking movement

Vava is...?
My goal was to create an eyewear label in which I try to express my vision of the world and the future. Vava designs represent the visual perspective of the brand's 'soul'. They address the 'post-industrial' age that we live in, wanted to make a label that could associate the highly conceptual language of machinery with the arts. The spirit of the brand is based on the same principle: Vava is both conceptual and visionary in its essence. Most importantly, brands must have an authentic voice that reflects the current time and inspires people with new ideas and new ways of looking at things.

What about its unique style.How would you describe it?
Our unique style is about the pureness of lines and streamlined design, and ultimately, social progress: raceless, genderless and ageless. The unisex philosophy is naturally affiliated to the DNA of the brand. Unisex is one of the ways to the future.

What are the pillars of the brand?
Vava is inspired by minimalism and Bauhaus movement and admires artists like Sol Lewitt, Malevich or Josef Albers. As part of a minimalistic imagery where aesthetics is the result of gender removal, the great challenge is in the exercise of eliminating superfluous compositional elements, adornment and romanticism in order to build a neutral gender. On the other hand, I'm very much inspired by science fiction films: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner for instance, that can be read as the 'racing stand-still' that is bound to result from an excessively one-sided belief in technological progress.

What is your vision of the future?
In Vava's hands, craft is modernized in a minimal way with the aid of cutting-edge and sustainable technology. Vava seeks to foster a dialogue between crafts and high-tech by using the most advanced technologies. A techno product that embodies at the same time the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear. This approach, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, makes Vava unique.


How can high-tech solutions help to make a better 'tomorrow'?
Vava designs for a conscious future, for a world of high-tech solutions that leverages all the possibilities of technology to make zero waste and eco design possible a post-industrial world of techno-craftsmanship. This is why we pride ourselves on avoiding mass production, which means that we have an eco-friendly fabrication using high quality, sustainable materials.

What are the features of the new collection and what is its inspiration?
I like consistency and particularly enjoy works that are representative of something bigger. The source of inspiration is always the same, people's space-age imagery and science fiction, but going deeper and digging into it season after season. I have been reading a lot about art and design and listening to music. This has had a great impact on my creativity and on my work on the new collection. However, don't expect new features or new sources of inspiration, but rather, something that evolves. This is why I choose to not follow fashion trends.

Achievements and things you are still striving for?
We are working hard to play our part in the global transition and create a more sustainable product, all whilst being a business that truly lives by its values. As our label matures, we promise to increase the transparency of our supply chain. It is vital that independent labels lead the way and implement advanced sustainability programs. Of course, we recognize that sustainability is a complex matter and we cannot pursue it in a frivolous, half-hearted way. Vava is always open to joining forces with other independent brands because we are stronger together, and climate change is, after all, a global problem which needs a global solution.

What feeling do people get from wearing Vava frames?
People want Vava to participate in their transformation. Before Vava they feel safe in their look, but after wearing Vava they achieve a new status, with a look that is both updated and contemporary. The new status also includes an art-related sensibility, both intellectual and conscientious, that invites the wearer to join a forward-thinking social movement: "I feel special and unique'.

How does the world look through a pair of Vava frames?
In an environment of high-speed culture, turbo-capitalism, media overload, consumpton ecstasy and speed-blindness, our eyewear embodies deceleration, purism and metaphysics. The maximum protection conferred by glass lenses against a hostile environment (pollution, dust, UV, etc.) is not merely physical but also spiritual, allowing a certain dose of asceticism and renunciation.

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