The artistic synergy

Antonella Reina

Komono joins the vision of tomorrow’s top designers for the third year, proving how wide the world of creativity can be

Art meets eyewear for the third year. All thanks to Komono's contemporary vision and the disruptive creativity of the students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. This synergistic combination, which began in 2019, continues to bring surprising and fun results, that is, a series of innovative sunglasses, with new and extremely current shapes, designed and created by students with the technical support of the Komono team. The new capsule collection, created in collaboration with five master students from the fashion department, is part of a new project - Komono Next: a platform that is open to the most creative talents in the world, in which to explore the boundaries of fashion accessories with continuous experimentation.

This year, Komono has requested the creation of a pair of sunglasses linked to the students’ personal work. The result is, as always, an outspoken collection that bolsters the vision of tomorrow’s top designers. Just like the proposal of Luca Holzinger, whose fashion work represents a tribute to his grandmother who broke free from a restrictive relationship. Luca brings an allegory of a secretary who passes by a river and cannot resist going for a swim. When she returns to her office, all her clothes are wet and messed up, yet she feels more beautiful than ever. For eyewear he played around with a lycra fabric commonly used in swimwear, which he draped around an archetypical cat eye frame. He also added a transparent colorway which feels like liquid water, again referencing this narrative.

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