Through the eyes of the beholder

Words Editorial Staff


The new collection of J.F.Rey presents sunglasses with aesthetic research and technical performance

J.F. Rey presents its sunglasses collection, where aesthetic research and technical performance go hand in hand. With a wide selection of cutting-edge models for men and women, all striking with their refined elegance and technical sophistication, the frames are equipped with polarized nylon sun lenses that enhance style and provide the best visual experience. This sunglasses line embodies completely the DNA and expertise of J.F. Rey by combining originality, design and chromatic inventiveness.

The women models are a true style statement. These metal and acetate sunglasses combine the chic glamour of the 70s with contemporary design, they stand out with their vibrant style and exceptional front construction. Creativity and intensity come to life in the material combination: sophisticated texture and vibrant colours. A style tinted with boldness and chromatic originality that perfectly fits the current sun wear trends.

The men's sunglasses are a sophisticated range of multi-material frames, a bold fusion of style, quality and innovation driven by material and geometric shape experimentation. The style of these pieces draws inspiration from the most iconic shapes of the 80s and 90s, with a particular mastery of light, structural details, and textures. A signature collection that embodies the perfect synthesis of J.F. Rey’s craftsmanship.

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