Projekt Produkt

Hyunho Lee

Words Alessandra Albarello


The CEO and founder reveals the latest news and how the brand from Seoul has conquered the world with visionary design, but also thanks to an 'altruistic simplicity'...

Why did you choose the name Projekt Produkt for your brand? What is the story behind it?
Projekt Produkt is a German word that means Project Product. The brand came into the world in 2014, from the specific bond between the philosophy of optometrists and the sensibility of eyewear designers. A brand logo is the entire identity and provides value inside the brand as well. In this respect, the 'K' literally creates a feeling of modern, minimal and classy, which are core sources of the brand essence. We hope that those who first experience Projekt Produkt recognize our key elements of branding clearly through the brand name. The bond between design and function suggests very careful eyewear construction.

Why are human asymmetry and the 'Fitting triangle' so important for you?
Since no human face is perfectly symmetrical, to understand each unique human curvature is an indispensable prerequisite to creating a true eyewear piece, something that for a decade we have fully devoted ourselves to achieving. Thoughtfully devised, subtly curved, meticulously crafted sculptures of the distinctive temple, each driven by the close collaboration between our design visionaries and workshop artisans, are the answer we have found to almost every human contour of the face, presenting advances in optical engineering, reducing unpleasant tactile experiences without sacrificing the functionality and artistry within. Anatomically corrected. Basics substantialized. Fashion tailored. Through an in-depth study of weight distribution when worn, every single piece in our collections has its own golden ratio on three of each physical contact points with a face. This is called 'the fitting triangle', demonstrating a sophisticated balance between material selection, volume difference, adding ornaments. Each frame can be personalized with a customizable 'fitting triangle'.

'Sophisticated exclusivity' and 'altruistic simplicity' as well as poetry are part of your philosophy. What are their meanings with regard to the deepest essence of your brand identity?
To better understand our philosophy, I want you to allow me to personify Projekt Produkt. It's a man who looks cold but is warm-hearted and a woman who looks fancy but has a simple mind. It seems to express opposites but, feelings of essentialness, coldness, hardness and the center of gravity successfully coexist side by side with warmth, comfort and familiarity at all times.

Projekt Produkt has always been about sophisticated exclusivity and altruistic simplicity. How do you translate this in your collections?
Proiekt Produkt is a delicately curated balance between design and quality, minimalism and detail. Bearing in mind that we come from an optics background, we can rest assured that comfort and practicality won't be sacrificed in these fashionable glasses. We only embrace the most qualified materials and launch a new collection every single year on the basis of our brand essence - modern, minimal, classy and wearable.

Quality as a priority. What about your 'Genuine Product Certification'?
We provide our consumers with a Certificate of Authenticity which comes with your product warranty and guarantees that the product is being distributed according to all verified standards and procedures. If you scan the page of the genuine product certification, its authenticity can be proved by the hidden tag attached to the warranty. We hope those who wear our frames can ease their feelings of insecurity about their authenticity.

Could you describe your new collections?
6 styles of new sunglasses and 4 styles of optical frames will be introduced in February. Most of the sunglasses are made from glossy acetate with organic-patterned tones and colour detailing, perfectly representing the theme of the Project10 collection - Farsick.Optical frame line-ups are crafted from three different materials such as gleaming titanium temples, titanium nose pads and passionate acetate, constructed with remarkable harmony in the classic frames.

Are you going to introduce new collaborations or capsule collections?
Yes, new collaboration line-ups are expected to come out in March along with Project10 capsule collection. It's a collaboration with Kunsik, an independent designer working in Northern Europe and Korea whose studio is based in Malm, Sweden. 2 styles of clip-on sunglasses are crafted with a refined vintage titanium wire construction which simultaneously evokes antiquity and modernity, creating a distinctive style.

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