Michael Fux

Words Antonella Reina


Creating frames with character, suitable for everyday use. Michael Fux explains the brand's concept of 'Slow eyewear': primarily, what Lunor has been about for the last 32 years

Lunor eyewear is? What is the best definition to fit the brand in 2023?
Lunor makes a stand against soulless mass production and convinces with meticulously crafted unique pieces. These are glasses with character for people with character - individuals for whom values and sustainable products matter more than fast fashion and fancy logos!

What is the concept behind the brand today? Has it changed over the years?
We create high quality, timeless eyewear that suits every situation in life. With a Lunor, you are always dressed in style for every occasion. Our product design underlines a person's character but always stays restrained. People should be the hero, not our product. Finally, we don't use our customers as a means of advertising by putting big logos on our products.

How would you describe the new Lunor frames?
A Lunor is always expertly crafted with high quality and designed to be timeless. You can wear it today, tomorrow and in 5 years' time. That is the main idea behind every frame. The new releases of course follow certain trends regarding colour selection or shapes, but always in a low-key manner to fit the brand concept and values. 

How does the brand express a 'quiet luxury' idea?
The quiet luxury trend is basically what Lunor has been about for the last 32 years: No logos, suitable for everyday use, no overstatement, timeless products of high quality. Although we don't consider ourselves as a luxury brand!

In your work today what matters most?
At Lunor, time takes center stage throughout the entire process - from design to manufacturing. Timeless design, carefully and thoughtfully developed, ensures that our glasses are not just fashionable accessories, but are true classics. The time invested in meticulous handcrafted eyewear guarantees the highest quality and individuality. Slow fashion is not just philosophy, it is a commitment to see time as an ally and use it to create eyewear with character. This is what we call #Sloweyewear.

What are the features of your new collection and its inspiration?
Our main release for Silmo this year is a new acetate collection called A14. A key characteristic of the A14 collection is its bold and daring approach. The eyewear features an assertive and impactful silhouette, creating a captivating presence that draws attention without screaming. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these frames embody a sense of confidence and individuality. In line with our commitment to timeless style, the A14 collection offers classic colour options that never go out of fashion. The range includes elegant hues that effortlessly complement any wardrobe, ensuring versatility and longevity. The A14 collection embraces larger frame shapes, adding a touch of drama to the overall look. These bold proportions provide a sense of grandeur and flair, elevating your style to new heights.

Future achievements and things you are still striving for...
Our future achievement, and something we are still striving for, is to successfully launch a captivating sunglasses collection in the market.We aim to create a range of sunglasses that not only showcases exceptional design and quality but also resonates with our customers' unique tastes and preferences.

What feeling do people get from wearing your frames?
A feeling of satisfaction! Because we share the same values and our product keeps its promise of a comfy fit.

How does the world look through a pair of new Lunor glasses?

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