Caroline Abram

Caroline Abram

Words Mark Renton


The passionate Parisian designer reveals her new projects: from the new brand ‘Blush’ – created to brighten up our gaze, to the brand’s new digital and social media strategy

How is the pandemic impacting your brand strategies?
Unfortunately, travel is essential for international development, but right now it is impossible. We are hindered in our development strategy with our existing partners but also in our expansion plans. I, on the other hand, have never been so inspired and productive; this is why I had to launch a new brand. I called it ‘Blush’. 

Is the Blush collection a consequence of these changes? Can you describe it? What is its target?
Not being able to reveal our smile hidden under masks, I decided to brighten up our gaze. It is an anti-gloom collection, both in terms of its style and luminous shades, as well as in terms of its price. Blush is elegantly simple with a subtle and refined design, in those colour combinations that have always characterized my style. These are feminine and original glasses for all ages: a sparkling accessory at a sweet price

Social media is ever more essential in brand communication. How are you employing these tools?
Caroline Abram became a ‘love brand’ and we engage with more and more women on social media every day. We work on creating a strong link with them by answering their messages, providing personal advice on how to choose their glasses and sharing their pictures. Whether they are bloggers or not, we consider each of those women to be an ambassador for us. We created the ‘Caroline’s Girls club’ for our devoted followers; a way to guide them to our partners’ stores. On top of that, we also provide a lot of content to help our customers communicate alongside us. 

What will be your next steps in brand communication?
Getting closer to our final customers every day! We’re now producing our own make-up tutorial with a famous make-up artist. We’ll teach girls how to dress up their eyes depending on their age, on their skin and on their glasses. We’re also developing Instagram filters to try on the models and we are planning our new Parisian campaign together with a very creative woman photographer.

Your style has built up through many inspirations: Caribbean, Parisian, Indian. What’s the formula for balancing all these contaminations to reach a ‘unique’ identity?
I don’t think there is any formula. It is a patchwork of powerful DNA filled with history, insights, curiosities and travels. My constantly awakening senses feed my insatiable thirst for creativity

You live in Hong Kong now: how do you think the Chinese market will change in the next years?
The Chinese market is becoming more important every year. They are putting all their efforts for the population to spend into the domestic market. It’s been very successful and most of the companies that are already established there recorded strong growth in 2020. So, of course I wish to develop the Chinese market, as most brands do, but it’s a huge challenge.

What will be the key factors for success in the future?
Keep the faith and believe in what you are doing. Passion is my key. I’m facing the new challenges one step at a time. No pressure, just pleasure. It’s the only way.

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