Düsseldorf Eyewear

Torsten Zehnpfennig

Words Marica Gobbatelli


A brand that mixes modern and vintage elements with a city as its main inspiration. We talked with Torsten Zehnpfennig, Düsseldorf Eyewear's founder, about re-branding, internationalization and sustainability

From the creation of the new logo to internationalization: What does 2022 mean for Düsseldorf Eyewear?
The last few years have been a major challenge for us but we used the time of trade fair and event lockdown efficiently, to focus more on new products and processes. We worked intensively on the core of our brand and we created a new logo. We also made steps concerning the internationalization of our brand thanks to which we have gained new partners for our relevant markets.

What's new for next season and what are you focusing on when creating new frames?
Recently, due to high demand, we produced sunglasses from some of our most famous signature models and we also added exciting new frames in a combination of materials from stainless steel and acetate inlays to our new collection. In the creative process, optics (look), haptics (feels) and processing possibilities are our first criteria for the creation of new models. Since customer satisfaction and our own standards of quality are extremely important to us we only work with the best materials and production facilities.

Speaking of internationalization, where is Düsseldorf Eyewear available now?
Besides Europe, Düsseldorf Eyewea is now available in selected shops in the US as well as in Canada. Our drear has always been of taking our frames across the ocean so our products can be bought from the mountains to the sea. Overseas, we have been inspired by all the local people and we are definitely excited about the developments that will be happening over the next couple of years.

Sustainability: What is the brand's commitment in this field?
We are constantly working to improve in this field and we have already moved forward. Producing in Germany with optimized processes and efficient supply chains allows us to save on energy and emissions and thus protect the environment. In addition, we started to reduce the amount of plastic used in producing as well as in packaging a couple of years ago. Furthermore, we deal responsibly with print products and advertising materials, trying to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

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