Ramon Studer

Words Editorial Staff


Co-founder Ramon Studer reflects with us on the fifteen years of the brand’s story and how they develop ideas and collections

Einstoffen was founded in 2008. What are the three most important moments of the story of your company?
The greatest of all moments was definitely the day when we as founders could all make a living from Einstoffen. That was a really awesome feeling. It was very tight back then and we never really knew how we would
get through the next month but we had an incredible drive. Another key moment was the market expansion from Switzerland to Europe. We had to found a company again just for this. I moved to Berlin for 4 years and was allowed to build up a team there. It was a very challenging time for me, personally speaking. the third one
was having our own employees. It is still the biggest challenge but also the biggest blessing when you have the right people in the team.

Freedom and independence are the two pillars on which you founded Einstoffen. Is there room today to add a third or a fourth?
Freedom and independence are still the most important pillars for us. Now financial independence has been added: the company is financially independent and not dependent on external financiers or investors. Since we had to manage with our own capital from the beginning, we are very careful and targeted in our spending. Furthermore, having employees pushes us to develop a solid corporate culture. An independent company
can develop and maintain its own corporate culture based on the company’s values and goals.

You recently dedicated a collection to the heroes of Cubism. Where did this idea come from?
One of us had visited an exhibition by paul Klee and was enthusiastic about his style. That was the foundation stone for the Cubism collection. It is always moments from real life that inspire us to create a theme. Inspiration is everywhere. the more difficult work is to turn it into a concept and adapt the theme to product design.

What will be the next news from the world of Einstoffen?
We took a look at the underground music scene in London. the HW23 collection features frames like Rockstar, Stagediver and Drummer that embody a powerful music aesthetic. While exploring the city, we also made a short documentary that captures the energetic spirit of the band Cotton Eye. The title unleashing the undiscovered embodies our journey and our quest to explore and express the unknown. We would like to make small documentaries more often in the future about people in professions that have weird and unusual ways of living. We are simply interested in that: it’s cool and inspiring.


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