Harvey Moscot

Words Giuliano Deidda


Fourth generation of the family-owned company, CEO Harvey Moscot, Doctor of Optometry, introduces us to his world: his love for his activity, eyewear, music, charity and of course New York City

More than three years have passed since the Milan store opening. Can you sum up how it went and how the shop is doing?
Yes, we opened it in December 2019, so we could say it was great timing in a bizarre way. It is actually going very well. Italy is the number one country in terms of support for Moscot. The appreciation from the Italians is very rewarding, as you are naturally able to recognize quality. The decision to open the shops in Milan and Rome helped a lot in this sense. This way, people have been able to experience our world directly. ours is a family business and this transpires from our stores, marking a difference in the public’s perception.

How did the pandemic crisis affect your strategies, both on and offline? Did this leave any permanent change?
As we had launched our website in 2006, and relaunched it in 2016, we were very prepared for the pandemic’s side effects. our customers were able to try our eyewear using the virtual try-on. We also offered online appointments with our staff, so that we could assist them from a distance. We are still doing virtual appointments, to be honest, this way our eyewear can be made available to people from everywhere. During the pandemic we also did our part to help. Working with Cherry optical Lab, we gave away 5.000 pairs of prescription and non- prescription eyeglasses, to emergency medical professionals. We got the cover of newsweek for that, together with other companies who did the same in their own field. Most of all, in that period we learned that digital strategies are essential.

You recently opened a new shop in Rome. How did you choose the location? Are there any differences compared to the other Italian stores?
We wanted to be close to the city centre. plus, we needed to find a suitable space in terms of size and rent, and also right for our formula. Via Frattina is perfect, as it is close enough to the Spanish Steps, the perfect location to capture tourists on top of locals. This shop is bigger than the others and it features arches. It is very nice. As for the format, we stick to our trademark, everything is very consistent in all our stores.

Let’s talk about the close relationship of Moscot with music. Are there any new projects on that side?
We launched our Spring/Summer 2023 collection in Los Angeles, at our Melrose Avenue store, with a live show featuring the New York band, Andy Suzuki & The Method, who are also our campaign protagonists. on April 20th, we opened a special charitable exhibition at Mark gallery in New York, entitled punk & Beyond: Legends of the Lower East Side, supported by our foundation, Moscot Mobileyes, and by Music Will, the largest non-profit music program for schools in the united States. Designed by Daniel Kershaew, Exhibition Designer Manager at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the immersive experience features artifacts from Johnny Thunders, Lou Reed and Norah Jones, among others. The aim of the exhibition is to raise funds for the launch and expansion of Music Will’s music programming in the neighbourhood public schools. It will be on until July and the idea would be to start a tour of the exhibition. It would be great to export it to Europe as well.

The new collection highlights include new bold frames and unexpected colours. Tell us something about this breakthrough.
You should ask zach, my son, who is the Chief Design officer. Jokes aside, yes, we introduced new colours for our best sellers, like pastel yellow and lavender in the pastels Collection, for example. The frames styles are mainly based on fifties design, bold but not overwhelming. our philosophy is that the face wears the frame and not the opposite. The foygel frame is a perfect example, a balanced synthesis of design and quality.

United States and Italy aside, which are the main markets for Moscot and which are the most promising ones for the future?
France, UK, London especially, and Germany have all grown a lot. We would love to be more present in Berlin, actually. As for Asia, Japan is our best market, especially Tokyo and Yokohama.

Are there any new projects happening this year? Any new openings?
We just opened a new shop in Boston on April 8th, but we are already looking around. I personally keep on looking for new locations everywhere.

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