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A distinctive style, a deep concern for innovation and sustainability: Attilio Daniele gives us the rules for the success of Bayria Eyewear

When and how did the idea for Bayria Eyewear come about?

I worked for 40 years in the eyewear market and this allowed me to make a close study of the strategies of multnationals and other companies in the sector. In 2017, I met Vincenzo Nesta, an eclectic designer with many years of experience in fashion and with an innate passion for colours and style. Thus, in 2018, I proposed we found Bayria Eyewear, under his artistic direction.


Today, how strong is the connection still with the city of Bari?

The Bayria Eyewear concept is literally a tribute to the city of Bari; starting with the name given to the Apulian capital in ancient times. Within the collections there are elements that bring to mind not only Bari, but the art and architecture which still today permeates the whole of Southern Italy: the Art Nouveau style and oriental influences mixed with great technique and ingenuity.


What are the distinctive features of the brand?

We tried to produce a line that was richly distinctive, but, at the same time, extremely easy to wear. In addition to style and innovation, Bayria Eyewear's mission is sustainability. We use 80% virgin cellulose for our acetate which is produced using less solvents and lasts longer over time. The frames are produced in Italy, in laboratories that guarantee ethical work and respect for the local area.


What impact has the pandemic had on your business and how did you face it?

The pandemic came for us at a time when our company was starting to achieve its first successes, awards and accolades. Last June we participated in the Milan Fashion Week as an emerging brand in ‘Designers For The Planet’, a review developed by the Italian Chamber of Fashion.


What is the news from the next collection?

We are about to launch an extraordinary collection, an ideal combination of elegance, research and playfulness. Six new models resulting from a long period of research and experimentation. Mazzucchelli 1849 has produced for us, for the first time, slabs with a thickness of 16 millimeters, made extremely light by incisions and grooves applied both inside and outside the front.

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