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The Italian brand has just reached the important 10 years milestone. Let’s talk with CEO, founder and designer Niccolò Pocchini about its fantastic journey

Spektre has just celebrated its first decade: with three adjectives, how would you describe the first 10 years in the eyewear business?
I would say: shocking, because the industry has experienced a total change during the last decade, with new methods and aesthetics standards; adventurous, because I had the chance to visit more than 30 different countries, to live fantastic experiences and now I have a lot of stories to tell my friends; intense, because time is the most important thing we have.

What have been the three most crucial moments in Spektre’s journey?
Hard to say, but I could split our story into three segments: the two years before the 2009 debut, a tough period when I really tested
myself; then the first nine years, when we were able to grow and sell our products in 50 different countries; the last year, with the launch of the optical and titanium collections.

Is being a made in Italy brand relevant today?
It depends on the market. There are those where it counts a lot but there are others where the brand’s relevance is as important as making well-crafted products. you need to have both to compete in these markets and you have to deliver your products on time. Due to this, we have chosen to work with 12 different factories in the Italian territory.

Have you ever considered bringing Spektre’s approach and style into another field?
I’m not sure eyewear-born brands fit diversifications, but I think that a brand like Spektre, with a strong bond with the fashion system and the celebrity world, could do great things with accessories, watches and maybe with beauty products like perfumes.

What are we going to see at the upcoming Mido from Spektre?
We will unveil new optical frames produced in Italy and Japan, made with titanium or combined materials. We continue to use high quality materials like Dalloz lenses and Obe hardware, combined with our classic attention to detail.

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