Claudia Brotons

Words Alessandra Albarello


A profound reflection on beauty and the passage of time with the creative director of the Spanish brand that is turning 10 years old and already contains destiny in its name...

It is immediately clear that Claudia Brotons is not someone who is easily satisfied; beginning with her background. After graduating in Economy and Business at pompeu fabra university in Barcelona, and then attending fashion Design courses in the summer at Central Saint Martins in London, she began her career at Spanish fashion giant, Inditex, collaborating with zara and Massimo Dutti. To further develop her creative vision, she subsequently obtained a master's degree in Creative Direction and Art Direction at the Marangoni Institute in Milan and one in Accessories Design at the felicidad Duce in Barcelona. on her return to Inditex, she began designing accessories and it was then that Juan gassó, CEo of Kaleos and her life partner, convinced her to create a line of glasses that would fully reflect not only her care and attention to details but also her profound ethical values.

If there is destiny in a name what are the deep meaning and origins of Kaleos?
The deeper meaning and origins of the Kaleos name have everything to do with our DNA. Kaleos comes from the greek word for 'beautiful shape'. one of our key objectives is to find the connection between the shape and inherent beauty through the creation of statement pieces. The name Kaleos reflects our never-ending journey in discovering beauty in all kinds of frame shapes.

How are you celebrating your 10th anniversary and what are your considerations on this passage of time and the evolution of Kaleos design?
For us, it is a year dedicated to exploring, reflecting on, and honouring the history of time. over these past ten years, the company has experienced substantial growth, prompting us to initiate an annual global engagement initiative to give back to the world. Each year, we will develop a different concept as part of this engagement initiative. A portion of this engagement includes a donation (a percentage of revenue) to scientific research. We view contributing to research as giving back on a global scale. The theme for this year could be nothing other than the passage of time. Currently, we are exploring various proposals for donations to research into diseases affecting the elderly, such as Alzheimer's or dementia. our 360-communication strategy will see all our activities, content creation and events entirely related to the passage of time. from now on, each year will be related to a specific theme and commitment, and this time is everything time related.

‘The beautiful shape’ is your mantra. How did you achieve this in your new collection?
This Spring/Summer collection of 2024 embodies a visual celebration, a kaleidoscope of shapes. featuring 42 new styles, this is our most extensive collection to date. Each silhouette serves as a chapter, a story told through contours, angles and curves. Whether it's the reinterpreted classic or the avant-garde, the collection pays homage to the diversity in form that has influenced Kaleos' journey.

Beauty and time are the protagonists of your new ad campaign. Could you explain the relationship between these two concepts and the project behind the campaign?
For us, beauty and positivity lie in the essence of time, embodied by people themselves. In their eyes, we find a range of experiences – joy, sorrow, triumphs and trials. By honouring them, we celebrate the heritage that has shaped us.

During these 10 years you have explored several materials and shapes and different scenarios like art and architecture. What is your next journey and forthcoming synergies?
We believe in different synergies and the added value and inspiration from both sides. We will be launching very soon (or will have already launched by the time of this interview!) a new collaboration we are very excited about. By mid-year we will also have something new released (and never done before at the brand).

What is your personal idea and promise of beauty that you want to convey?
Beauty is often a complex term. But I consider that the beauty in the work I do relates to timeless design. A combination of extraordinary versatility and undisputed quality.


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