Catherine Haugerud

Words Giuliano Deidda


The DEG Design Lead discovered her passion for eyewear during her architecture studies. Nowadays she infuses the same passion into every new collection

How did you approach the eyewear industry? Was it by chance or because of a personal passion?
I started designing for Lindberg Eyewear whilst I was still studying at the Architecture School, then it quickly became a passion.

You have had some years of experience in watch design in the past. What are the differences between this particular segment and that of eyewear in terms of competencies and skills? How has that stage in your career helped you to shape your present work?
What I love about both product categories is that they enhance your personal character. In eyewear, the fitting and expression is even more important, as small deviations make it look all wrong in your face. However, I think that there's a lot of inspiration to be captured from within the two industries.

Quality materials are core to every Kilsgaard collection. Which ones you do find most inspiring?
When the different designs are subtle and clean-cut you start noticing the material and the detailing much more. The richness of the patterns, the colours and the tactility become much more important. When working with the exclusive Japanese acetates, I get totally wrapped up in the rich patterns and the deep complex colour tones. I love that!

Talking of inspiration, what are the highlights of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection?
In general, I don't consider the changing seasons a lot when I'm designing the Kilsgaard collections. I want to make evergreens that do not relate to a specific period of time. However, I have a focus on volume, deep rich patterns, and refined colour tones all through the collection. When you take away all the unnecessary decoration and pave the way for a clear and confident design language, you achieve a strong and timeless expression of design.


Which details make this collection different?
We have made absolutely no compromises with the level of quality in this collection. Combine this with the boldness of the design and the understated coolness, and the result is frames that are really unique. For instance, the all-through titanium frames, with branded and embossed titanium nose pads for better friction on the nose, and also the strong and durable surface of the anodised aluminum.

The choice of bold minimalism is what makes Kilsgaard immediately recognizable. How would you figure out the perfect outfits to match your eyewear? Both for her and for him.
I think the key word here is confidence. Anything goes, as long as you wear it with pride and confidence. Who is the ideal customer of the brand in your opinion, and does this match the actual target? The customer I have in mind is the kind of person that does not want to compromise and has a no bullshit approach to their surroundings. As this January is the big relaunch of the brand, we will have to wait and see if it sticks.

What is Cathrine Haugerud's personal favourite eyewear frame?
I guess it will be Kilsgaard Acetate 07 Col. 6924. I love the shape and volume of this frame

What are Kilsgaard's next steps?
To emphasize this new direction even more. For every new launch, I will make sure to enhance the new identity of the brand - maybe with a few surprises.

And Cathrine Haugerud's?
To always keep an open mind, letting impressions and impulses in and using this as a continuous source of inspiration. It's also important to experiment and push limits, when that makes sense. I have a constant fascination for what frames can do for our expression of style and personality, and that's what keeps me going.

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