Laura Rattaro

Words Alessandra Albarello


Behind the creation of her collection there is a solid background in working in acetate. Designed to dazzle with special effects

What pushed Tris Ottica to create its own collection in 2014, thereby coming out from the 'wings' and into the limelight, as it were?
The fact is, initially, there was no intention of launching a brand. The plan was to create a sample to show to potential new customers, which made use of all the special processes that Tris Ottica is capable of: especially bonding. We designed the frames without thinking about the market or of putting the collection on sale, which led to the creation of a series of unconventional models that were extremely colourful and incorporated processes that had never been used before. The only limit we set ourselves was to design shapes and aesthetic solutions that our customers would never have imagined were possible before. The result was an original product, and we then market-tested the collection. The fact that we are here means that the test was a success!

Lamarca allow you to express your many years of experience through lines highlighting a series of positive practices and processes. Is there any one in particular that has become your trademark?
Without doubt, the bonding technique epitomises what we have developed over years of experience gained at the service of our customers. However, Lamarca uses this bonding technique to express new aesthetic concepts. It is used in six out of seven of our product lines, with the exception of Ceselli: the fruit of a collaboration with Vicenza goldsmiths with whom we experimented with diamond coating on acetate (an ancient and manual process typically used on jewellery). It gives the models a scintillating sheen that simulates the brilliance of rhinestones. But we are also known for colour; for our ability to combine three or four different colours on a single model. Our research into colours is continuous and more and more in-depth. Colour is a language that makes it possible for us to find a corresponding emotion in those who choose our models. Another important feature of the Lamarca collections is the fit of the glasses: we design with people's visual comfort in mind, and we always take into account the geometry of the lenses, especially progressive ones.

What are the latest developments and the emerging trends?
The global event of the Covid-19 pandemic created a very pessimistic atmosphere. We thought that the use of colour could help to stimulate a little optimism, joy, and hope. So, we made the most of it, and our collections feature bright, saturated, stimulating and energetic colours for both men and women. This is also in keeping with the current trend in all areas of fashion. For men, in particular, we have integrated the existing classic models with fresher and more colourful versions with more decisive styles, while also flirting with the female fashion world.

How important is it today to know how to combine craftsmanship with technology, the past with the present?
There is no boundary between the past and the present, and technology progresses alongside manual skills. Modern craftsmanship is simply manual skill and planning aided by technology. Without the human factor, without the experience of the artisans, without manual skills, machines are useless. We firmly believe that excellence derives from age- old knowledge, which, in our case, is totally Italian.

Why did you choose to make glasses only in acetate?
Cellulose acetate is a raw material that we understand really well. The world of metals is different, and the skills needed to work it are different. We chose to take the path that we know well.

In an unusual period like this, how have your sources of inspiration and your attitude towards eyewear changed?
Our source of inspiration is the world around us, and our goal is to create an almost 'sentimental' bond between the product and people's mood. In a dark period, you need energy, so we made the colours stronger. In such a difficult time and a in world that is changing (too) rapidly, you need some tenderness, comfort, breathing space, caring... So, we continue to make sure that our glasses are like a caress, are light, comfortable and pleasant to wear, while also giving you excellent vision. This, in essence, is the goal of design: the synthesis of function and aesthetics aimed at improving people's lives.


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