Cristiana and Vittore Tormen

Words Giuliano Deidda


The two siblings and joint CEOs have worked hard on the renewal of the company and the brand

What are the three distinguishing features of a pair of Look glasses?
This is easy, because lightness, comfort and Italian style are our three cornerstones.

Since the pandemic, you have turned your attention more and more to young people. Why did you make this choice?
Look was born as a young company, then over the years the focus has shifted to technological development. The pandemic has accelerated a process that was already underway: that of directing technology towards a non-conformist product.

This year, there has been a further step forward, with a rebranding. What does it mean to Look to be in step with the times?
It's connected to what we've been talking about so far. We believe in the judgment of young audiences. To communicate better we have decided to group everything under the single Look brand, giving it strength and eliminating the Made in Italy payoff, which for us is implicit. The campaign is called 'Noi' (Us) to emphasise the return to the origins, the idea of recovering one's own identity, the desire to be free.

The style of the new collections is decisive, rigorous in its modernity and very versatile. Tell me about your strengths.
We have three product groups: Icons, Fashion and Sport. The latter is the one with which we are most identified. The Urban collection is one of the spearheads of the Fashion segment, where acetate is the star. In the icons section, quality materials are the master, starting with aluminium which is very light and comfortable as well as being continuously recyclable. Our flagship is Lookkino, the line for children, a segment in which we are a reference company.

Look has technological research as one of its strengths. What are the solutions you are most proud of in this field?
Look is a factory of many ideas. This has given us strength in the market, but it is not very ‘readable’
by customers. We have naturally identified the materials and technologies that have given us satisfaction. Alumix is an aluminium and magnesium alloy that is very flexible and lighter than titanium. ECO Vegetal Polymer, on the other hand, is our rubber-effect polymer, which is suitable for sports models. In the children's segment, a very important innovation is coming towards the end of the year. This is a disruptive product for early childhood, decidedly beautiful and extremely comfortable. In this sector we are leaders, because we speak directly with children, who are the first to want to follow fashion.

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