Luca Gnecchi Ruscone

Words Alessandra Albarello


A journey to Africa to rediscover one's origins... Thus begins the story of this brand that continues to draw inspiration from its roots, transmitting authenticity and timeless values

The narrative of your brand starts with your grandfather and that trip back to Eritrea that you took together in 2005. How important are your roots to have a clear vision of the future?
Since my childhood, I have been steeped in the timeless values of determination, constancy and hard work which have been handed down through the generations of my family. The return to Eritrea in 2005 was an exciting chapter that awakened the memory of a bygone era, inspiring me to want to create something of my own, through which to perpetuate the values with which I grew up. These solid foundations gave me the stability and security necessary to map out the direction I wish to take.

What has changed in almost 20 years?
Despite the fact that I still feel the same determination to seize the different opportunities and grow more and more, it is undeniable that, in almost 20 years, many things have changed. The growth of the brand is the result of a more robust internal structure, consolidated over the years, and of a broader internal and external engagement with regard to the creation of the collections. To date, I combine my intuition, a fundamental and distinctive element of L.g.R, with external stimuli.

What are the elements that characterise your current collection and the fundamental values that you want to convey?
It is characterised by models with a bold line, distinguished by decisive thicknesses and shapes that give a lot of personality to the wearer. Bold glasses become even more tactile: allowing you to perceive the quality and making tangible the craftsmanship that characterises them. The strong character of the glasses and the meticulous care of the creative process are the values that we want to convey with this collection.

Do the nomadic spirit and Africa in general continue to be an inspiration for your forthcoming collections?
Absolutely! Always. In the past, I have explored and lived outside Italy, discovering different places and cultures. These experiences greatly enriched my cultural background, which is directly reflected in the brand. Despite having more responsibilities and fewer opportunities to travel than in the past, the adventurous and exploratory spirit is still alive within me, and continues to inspire me, pushing me to create new collections that are nonetheless always linked to a timeless past and tradition.

How would you define the concept of luxury today? What are the new values?
I find luxury in craftsmanship, in the careful selection of high-quality materials and in the knowledge of each stage of the production chain. The essence of luxury is fully achieved when the glasses manage to combine these three elements in harmony, creating a unique and extraordinary experience.

In February 2023, after Milan, Rome and Florence, you opened your fourth single-brand store in Italy, in Venice. Is this also inspired by grandfather's Ottica Bini store? Where will the next openings be?
Our store in Venice certainly follows the same inspiration as the other L.G.R single-brand stores, taking inspiration from my grandfather's Ottica Bini. It echoes its aesthetic details such as the alcoves inspired by the shape of the windows, while its colours are reminiscent of the shades of the building's facade. In mid-October, we inaugurated the second store in Rome in Via Cola di Rienzo, and over the next year we plan to open the first store in Paris.

Do you often create capsule collections in collaboration with various brands, such as the forthcoming collaborations?
Collaborations with other brands are a distinctive feature of L.G.R as they are always opportunities for growth and experimentation. For next year, I am excited to announce the partnership with Diane Von Fu?rstenberg. We are currently collaborating on the creation of a limited edition capsule collection celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic Wrap Dress, a timeless garment designed by Diane Von Fu?rstenberg. Furthermore, in 2024, we will continue our collaboration with Ermanno Scervino. After the success of the capsule collection launched in May 2023, we have decided to create a new limited edition for the spring/ summer 2024 season.

Looking ahead, what do you see?
If I look to the future, my biggest dream is to make L.G.R an eyewear brand that will endure over time, creating something meaningful and constantly evolving that can be passed on to my children. This would undoubtedly represent a personal success for me.

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