Moritz Krueger

Words Alessandra Albarello


With the new Mykita Acetate collection, the company switches to completely sustainable production. Moritz Krueger, Co-founder and Creative Director of one of the most iconic brands of all, talks about it here

There is always a vision behind innovation. A horizon extending far beyond the present, to build utopias and build bridges towards the future. Mykita's new ethical, responsible and radical choice is certainly going in this direction - and becomes an inspiration and a virtuous example for many...

Acetate Renew is a new chapter of your passionate storytelling. What is the urgency behind this choice and project? What is your message?
At Mykita we're aiming to reduce our impact and we're aware that as a company making a product our impact can never be neutral. Our approach, starting from the design stage, is a responsible one aiming at making timeless, purposeful products of the highest quality. The material used has a major role to play in a footprint, so we chose to commit to completely switch our acetate material supply to the sustainable Eastman Acetate Renew - a material that is 100% replacing the traditionally used fossil resource content with hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Circularity is key here, helping to leave fossil fuel in the ground, diverting waste from landfill and keeping it out of the ocean. It also generates up to 50% less carbon emissions.

Innovation is part of your DNA. What are the new possibilities and differences in perception (not only physical) of this material?
Progressive state-of-the-art design challenging the status quo, that is indeed part of our DNA. And we strive for the highest quality and durability, so we were immediately interested in Acetate Renew. Due to the revolutionary molecular recycling technology, this material is indistinguishable from its traditional counterpart. It is chemically the same and has the same material properties, same aesthetics and feel. With it we can craft eyewear frames at the intersection of science, technology & beauty. 

Ever since it was established in 2003, Mykita has always been very inspirational and iconic for both individuals and eyewear brands. Today, what is really inspirational for you and your new and future collections?
The exchange between the design team and other departments of our Modern Manufactory, including production, quality or retail, feeds the interdisciplinary design approach that defines Mykita and our product. The R&D process and our quality testing regime process are also such an important part of developing a new product at Mykita, and nerding out over the technical details brings us a lot of joy but also inspiration for future projects. Over the years, we have stayed true to our principles for responsible design, which are perfectly embodied by the new Mykita Acetate collection, offering the best possible vision and protection via timeless eyewear designs engineered to last.

Every creation is a mix of the material and immaterial. What are the elements and priorities of your creative process?
We make sure our design ingredients stay fresh, with top quality materials, new technologies, surface treatments and constructions. With this in place, it's often a case of 'form follows function' - each frame element has been carefully thought-out to ensure balanced aesthetics, anatomic fit and product longevity.

Mykita Haus in Berlin seems like a restaurant open kitchen: every process is transparent and visible and everyone can meet and collaborate. Could you explain the philosophy and spirit of 'Modern Manufactory'? Is it maybe a sort of utopia like Deutscher Werkbund?
That's a nice comparison and a fitting one in the way that our Modern Manufactory is also about bringing together handcraft and new technology in production. Our Modern Manufactory continues to provide a prime source of inspiration for Mykita design - each frame manifests the intelligence and specialised knowledge that set us apart as a company. We foster a culture of curiosity and experimentation which we believe is essential for progressive design.

Today, what does it mean to be a strong and authentic independent company and what do you need to do, and are doing, to keep to the path you are on?
We continue to realise the ideas that we believe in.

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