Nirvan Javan

Nirvan Javan

Words Giuliano Deidda


The globe-trotting, Swiss designer of Persian origins introduces us to the multicultural universe of his eponymous brand, one which has taken its inspiration since 2015, from the beauty of urban diversities

Could you describe your style in a few words?
Elegant, passionate and inspired by an open world - utterly cosmopolitan.

How does your experience as an optician influence your eyewear?
The designer in me is guided by inspiration and the possible forms and colours a frame could take. My past experiences however allow me to know the optician’s needs like easily adjustable temples and a good fit. One can say the designer and the optician meet, both converging in the final frame.

And how does your cosmopolitan background influence you?
It has become nothing less than the brand's guiding creed. Taking in different cultures and merging them with already existing views allows one to create something entirely new.

Every collection is dedicated to and inspired by a capital city. Are you following a sort of order in this virtual world tour?
There is no concrete order. The primary force of guidance is the inspiration a city manages to invoke in me. I hear a place's history, its traditions and cultures and then it grabs me. I have to travel there. I have to see, feel and experience it. That is the way a city or a country finds themselves in the shape of a frame.

Which is your personal favourite?
Seeing the destinations the world has to offer, it becomes nearly impossible to single out one city. Especially when one learns so much about a metropolis while translating it into eyewear. I try to experience them from every possible angle, falling in love with every city in the process.

Can you give us a hint about next year’s novelties and collection?
Where exactly our stylistic journey will be heading, that is still a secret to be unveiled at the Opti 23 in Munich. What I can say however, is that the collection will be treading new grounds, metaphorically and literally.

What is Nirvan Javan’s audience?
To walk through the world with openness, to want to experience it, to take in impressions and letting them merge with one's own views. This modern elegance, the affinity for design and passion for clean aesthetics, that is what makes our community.

Which are the most important markets for your brand?
Already, opticians in 10 different countries have joined the brand on its stylistic journey: germany, Italy and Switzerland to name a few. But this is only the beginning. Driven by the brand’s cosmopolitan creed, many more markets and opticians will soon be able to experience our designs.

Which are the most iconic frames?
The London Collection captures nirvan Javan perfectly. not only is it the brand’s first city collection, it is a representation of its growth over the years and a visualisation of its evolutionary process. With its mélange of classical designs and new conceptual ideas, it has become a customer favourite, as shown in its multiple collection expansions.

Which are your personal favourites?
Every collection has allowed us to implement different ideas. The London Collection set the stage of the cosmopolitan brand, making a city ‘experienceable’ through the shape of frames. The Tokyo Collection marked the first time the brand designed with titanium. Lastly, the Shades of Toronto allowed us to choose bolder design decisions, to display a city in the frames even more. Every collection is its own gift.

What are the brand’s next steps?
To #seetheworld is Nirvan Javan’s guiding principle. new destinations will be visited and transformed into a wearable experience. The brand‘s stylistic journey around the world continues.

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