Projekt Produkt

Modern and Wearable

Words Alessandra Albarello


The South Korean brand founded 10 years ago in Seoul is a positive example of the Korean Wave which also has arrived here through its eyewear collections

At the recent Milan Men's Fashion Week, the enthusiasm of fans was also triggered by the arrival of Rowoon, a fascinating South Korean singer, actor and model, and a leading exponent of K-Pop. And this is certainly not an isolated case, because South Korean fashion, art and culture are now known and appreciated all over the world; so much so that for several years we have been talking about the Korean Wave, or the famous Hallyu phenomenon. It is in Seoul that, in 2014, the projekt produkt brand was born by combining the expertise of optometrists attentive to the new needs of consumers, with the creative sensitivity of visionary designers.

After being an optometrist for over 20 years, CEO and founder Hyunho Lee has succeeded in fulfilling his dream of creating a line of glasses combining design and quality, minimalism and attention to detail, with the aim of always keeping the essence of the brand intact; an essence that can be summed up in two simple adjectives: modern and wearable. During these 10 years, the choices to diversify production between capsule collections and main collections and establishing different collaborations, proved particularly successful in consolidating the identity of the brand, now present in as many as 25 countries, including China, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Australia and Canada. Each year a specific theme is identified and developed and a collection consistent with the brand's philosophy is launched. Among the latest capsule collections is one that came from the collaboration with Kunsik, an independent designer who works between northern Europe and Korea through his studio in Malmö, Sweden, and who has reinterpreted the classic style, and also presented it with a unique photo shoot created by Insoo Rah.

Since narrative for Projekt Produkt is very important in creating an empathetic bond with the customer, the name of the collection is also fundamental for evoking a mood, a situation, and an atmosphere to recognise oneself and to identify with. "In today's context, eyewear has transcended its functional purpose and transformed into a means of self-expression, surpassing its intrinsic value. While the role of eyewear has expanded with the times, we remain rooted in the essentials," explains Hyunho Lee, "our mission is to create eyewear that reflects a unique journey from concept to construction, symbolising every moment of life based on the intrinsic value of eyewear."

CL12 eyeglasses

CL12 eyeglasses

And the 2024 main collection fully reflects this philosophy with minimal and simple, yet sophisticated, models of sunglasses and optical glasses made of titanium and acetate. It is called CollageScape and expresses the sense of inclusion, of intertwining and random crossing of lines, of alignments and misalignments, not only architecturally but also between people with different origins, experiences and ideas, to converge in an external and internal landscape that "offers us a semblance of consolation", is read on the brand's website and through the images of the advertising campaign.

At Mido, on the other hand, the ‘Changeless’ capsule collection is presented for the first time. Consisting of seven models of sunglasses and six models of optical glasses, it recounts how emotions remain unchanged over time, accompanying us in our daily lives to become a continuous source of energy and positivity. Ah yes, time. These 10 years in which Projekt Produkt has managed to cross multiple borders to establish itself with authenticity and with a very high level of quality, combining craftsmanship and technology to also offer a unique tactile experience, are now summarised in a reflection by Hyunho Lee, "our journey has been marked by continuous evolution and adaptation. This decade-long experience has not only shaped our understanding of the eyewear industry, but it has also fuelled a commitment to innovation and quality. Through collaborations, industry events, and invaluable connections, we have built a network that enriches our perspective and fosters creativity."

Challenges and future goals? Hyunho Lee is once again the one to outline them, "We aim to build a lasting legacy that withstands the test of time. Recognition from opticians is continually growing, attributed to the ease of fittings and structural stability, resulting in a steady increase in orders from partners each year. fashion and optical represent the two pivotal dimensions of eyewear. our goal is to create a balanced brand that does not compromise the essence of eyewear for aesthetic appeal or gets lost in technological advances, ensuring the importance of design is not overlooked. We aspire to be a brand that earns customer trust and grows steadily, aiming to become a robust 100-year-old brand. our objective is to achieve the globalisation of Korean eyewear, establishing ourselves as a global eyewear brand." And so, bring on the Hallyu...

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