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The founder of Paname, tells how the happiness achieved creating new collections and a strong link with Paris are the elements of strength of the brand

Why did you decide to create Paname? And what are the main distinctive features of your brand?
The choice of Paname sounded obvious to us. We grew up in the ‘Ville Lumie?re’ and although we relocated to Toulouse our love for Paris is still part of our daily lives. Our real desire is to bring our French touch to a very competitive sector. We try to make ourselves happy when we create and the concept of friendship is part of our DNA. We are a big family. Our choices of colours and materials are the elements we use to stand out.

How deep is your relationship with Paris?
Paris is our city. We were born there, where we were formed artistically.We studied, worked, flirted, drank, ate, etc. Paris gave us a very pleasant life and left some great memories. In our collections we have a lot of details about the city. We use the names of Metro stations to name our mounts and we use architectural elements to create certain shapes: Paris remains very present in our image.

How did you deal with the COVID crisis?
We have faced this crisis with great uncertainty. The first months were very special and turned our lifestyles upside down. The positive side of this crisis is that we have been forced to sit down and take time. This was beneficial to us and allowed us to plan and develop new projects. Fortunately, the optics industry was able to recover very quickly.

What are the main novelties that you will be presenting in the second part of 2021?
Every year we take advantage of the Silmo show to launch our new collections and this year will be the same. Also, this end of the year will be special for us as we are launching our first children's collection, which we called ‘Cake Tronche’.

Digital or physical: what is your preferred approach for buyers and customers?
Physical without hesitation. The relationship with our customers is very important. Offering our creations, touching them and wearing them is inseparable from our profession. Regarding trade fairs, these generate real international interest. However, COVID has changed our view a bit: Notwithstanding the absence of these events, our turnover has actually increased.

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