Niccolò Pocchini

Words Enrico S. Benincasa


CEO and founder Niccolò Pocchini speaks with us about how the market is changing and what it needs to create a great limited edition

In a previous interview with us for the first ten years of Spektre you defined your 'journey' into the world of eyewear as "shocking, adventurous and intense". Is there something to add to this list?
Certainly the eyewear market for an external interlocutor could be seen as thriving and fun compared to other fields. Nothing could be more wrong. The skills for operating are mainly managerial and financial, distant from those that characterize 80% of independent designers. The amount of work is intense, the market is frenetic and too tied to the monopoly of the majors. I think the market now is similar to the world of finance. The results often depend on unpredictable factors and are closely linked to the connections of the agents’ network.

How many people does your work team consist of today? Are there any 'necessary' characteristics that a person must possess to work in a company like Spektre?
Our staff today numbers 12 people, highly dynamic and equipped with lateral thinking and other irreplaceable qualities for working in a competitive and hyper-saturated global market. You need to deal with constant fluidity on every front and geopolitical events that create head winds to the guidelines with often change of plans on the go.

Between the collaborations you have realized, without disrespecting any partner, is there one that has a particular meaning for you?
Surely many will have noticed our collaboration with Ruf (ruf-automobile.de), a prestigious automotive company known for its Porsche creations. To create this capsule, Spektre and Ruf turned to the best Italian, German and French suppliers, with a delivery of four limited edition models, both in organic acetate and in surgical steel of the same type used by Swiss haute horlogerie. These limited editions went sold out within a few days!

Is there a market (or more than one) that you think has understood the Spektre world better, deeply linked with fashion and lifestyle, better than others?
We are fortunate to have a number of countries that have become fond of our brand, but Italy, France, Brazil and China certainly remain our points of reference. We are opening four flagship stores in Asia next year thanks to our partners.

What did you present at Mido?
We unveiled sunglasses models in hypoallergenic surgical steel of great style, as well as new colors of some of our best sellers in optical glasses. We launched also new sun-view models characterized by 7-joint hinges, 10 mm fronts and precious inserts, made by two of our trusted craftsmen here in Italy.


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