A new house for Woodys

Words Editorial Staff


The Spanish brand Woodys has just opened new, modern and sustainable headquarters in Vic

Woodys announces the opening of the new offices in Vic: a building with three floors and more than 3.000 square meters where the Woodys’ essence and personality is introduced. This new space is a commitment to improve the brand's services and an opportunity to express the values of the brand. A place where motivation and creativity are stimulated.

The building is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. It was designed to reduce impact and to ensure greater energy efficiency, adopting a respectful and responsible architectural approach through the installation of solar panels for energy supply and the use of geothermal energy for air conditioning.

The added value of this new construction resides in the interior as the design was created by the brand’s creative team. In this way, the identity and personality of the firm are merged in the same space which is thought, designed and projected from Woodys knowledge and character.

The new headquarters is a value proposition that allows Woodys to advance and improve. In short, The Woodys House is a charismatic and attractive place ready to continue growing.

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